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 // COMING AUTUMN 2019 //


What is it? The place for genre, off beat, horror, screeching, unusual, dark, colloquial, terrifying, psychedelic, exploitative, monster, slasher, unconventional, experimental, bizarre, no rules, quirky, weird and eccentric. Midnight Movies is a web based competition. Each month, Daydrifter will select 1 Grand Prize winner, and four other monthly winners. These films will be available for streaming on ReadDaydrifter.com  by any of the thousands of monthly website visitors.  

Who can submit? Anyone that has a film.  We care about the story. This is not a production competition. Shoot it with your Red Dragon or your iPhone, send it off to be color graded or throw your own filter on it. The point is, we know not everyone has a Hollywood budget. But, making someone feel an emotion costs no money.  No length requirement, maximum or minimum. No premiere requirements. Film must be made available for Daydrifter to stream online for 1 month. Not quite ready to put it online? We understand all the possible circumstances.  If chosen as a winner, we will hold off on publishing if you choose.  

Who will see it? Any of the thousands of Daydrifter website visitors.  If selected, your film will be available for streaming for 1 month. 

Are there cash prizes? Yes. The Monthly Grand Prize Winner will receive $100.  The other monthly winners will not have a cash prize, but will have their film available streamed on the Daydrifter website.  Beginning October 2019,  the twelve  Grand Prize Winners from the year before will compete for the "Midnight Movie of the Year." Prizes and details for "Midnight Movie of the Year" to be released at a later date.  

I'm ready to submit! Cool. Click here and submit.  We will announce winners within 2 weeks of the submission date. 

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